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Becoming Dementia Friends…

18 May 2021

This week we were delighted to join with our colleagues at McCarthy Stone, who have committed to all of their 2600 staff becoming Dementia Friends in 2021.

Understanding Dementia is hugely important, particularly given our foundation’s focus on the health and wellbeing of older people. While we might all know the word, there are often a lot of myths and misunderstandings about what dementia is, how it affects people, and crucially, how we can better improve what we do and how we work to ensure we work equitably and inclusively.

Thanks to the work of the Alzheimer’s Society, starting to understand dementia is quick, simple, and easily accessible. You can follow THIS link to become a Dementia Friend today, and take those important first steps in understanding this complex and difficult condition.

Foundation Manager Graeme Marsh is proud to be a Dementia Friend.

We have already granted several small community grants to organisations that support and work with people living with Dementia, such as the Topsham Memory Cafe , Truth Be Told, and Community Life Hub, and it will continue to be something we support as the foundation grows and develops in the coming months and years.

We will also shortly be announcing a new charity partnership with a new project supporting the families and carers of people living with Dementia, so do check back for more news on that in June.

For now though, please do join the 2600 McCarthy Stone employees and our team in becoming a Dementia Friend today. Thank you.