Applying for Funding

Our foundation runs a number of grant programmes throughout the year for organisations supporting people over 65.

Working with our supporters, partners, employees and homeowners, we offer vital funding and resources to grassroots charities and community groups to help them build happy and vibrant communities across the country that support older people. We provide help in three key areas: community grants, project support, and volunteering and work across three key themes that drive our vision of a society where older people are valued, engaged and connected with their communities.

Community Grants - Spring 2023 - (Now Closed)

Our approach is rooted in the belief that people need people, and that local community led organisations are best placed to identify need and provide support to people aged 65 and over. We believe in the power of small grants to make a big impact for smaller organisations that have an income limit of £500k p.a. to be eligible for funding.

We will support older people to feel valued, engaged and connected in the community by:

  • Providing grant funding to grassroots community-based charities and organisations supporting the needs of older people
  • Supporting locally focused projects with resources or volunteers
  • Partnering with charities who actively engage older people in community activities
  • Focusing on volunteer led, grassroots causes working in their local community
  • Funding core costs with unrestricted funding wherever possible
Helping young people overcome educational challenges

Dementia Action Week 2023 - Applications Open May 1st 2023

Bringing generations together brings older people a sense of purpose, invigorating and energising, while helping reduce loneliness and depression. It has also been shown to help those living with dementia. For young people it enables the sharing of life experiences, wisdom, values and joy, while teaching empathy and patience.

We will support older people to feel valued, engaged and connected through intergenerational programmes by:

  • Providing grant funding for organisations or programmes that support intergenerational activity
  • Building partnerships with charities, local schools, and community groups
  • Providing grant funding for charities and community groups supporting children to engage with older people in their community
  • Promoting intergenerational learning opportunities
Creating and enhancing community spaces

Small Community Grants - Invitation Only

Shared community spaces, from gardens to village halls, can be valuable hubs for older people to come together, take part in activity, learn new skills, and contribute to their local area while engaging with others

We will support older people to feel valued, engaged and connected by:

  • Providing grant funding and resources to community run spaces, like village halls or gardens
  • Ensure community spaces are accessible and able to be enjoyed by all ages
  • Promoting opportunities for generations to enjoy work and recreation together
  • Bringing together communities through volunteering
  • Partnering with community charities to develop sustainable community spaces
Small Grants Programme

Core Cost Funding

The Foundation awards unrestricted core funding to grassroots charitable organisations, who have people over 65 at the heart of their work.

Unrestricted funding is only available to registered charities and community groups.

Organisations who can demonstrate a strong alignment with our charitable aims are invited to apply for unrestricted funding, currently up to £7500. If you are unsure whether you should apply for core cost funding, please get in touch for advice.

We know that many small organisations don’t have the resources for complex or extensive grant applications and monitoring, so we will do our best to work with you to make the process simple, transparent, and fair. We will also work with you to help report on the impact the grant will have. You can also find out more in our Grant Making Policy that covers the processes and criteria in greater depth.

Project Funding

We also invite applications for Project Funding. This funding is open to registered charities, community groups, and community interest companies limited by guarantee. This funding is to support a new, or existing, programme dedicated to supporting people over 65 within an organisation. It can also be used towards community green space or building projects, although it cannot be applied retrospectively.

We encourage all organisations submitting an application for project funding to do so on a cost-recovery basis. You can find out more in this article.

Please do get in touch for more information.