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£250 Grant awarded to Community Life Hub Group

20 April 2021

A key part of our small community grants programme is to find local, grassroots voluntary groups who can sometimes find accessing financial help difficult, particularly in recent times where the tried and tested methods of community fundraising have not been possible due to the Covid restrictions.

Community Life Hub Group are a newly formed charity in Cullompton, and work with the local GP surgery to support people in their local area living with dementia or suffering from cognitive impairment, such as recovering from a stroke. They also engage lonely and isolated older adults through a range of activities, such as music, games, gardening, and more.

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The Chekhov Physic Garden at the Community Life Hub

Working with the GPs, who have increasingly favoured social prescribing due to it’s clear benefits, Community Life Hub have established a valuable role in their community for many older people in need of support, company, stimulation, activity, and interaction. It’s a fantastic initiative, and we are pleased to be able to grant them some funds to equip their sensory garden with a range of activities that can be done outdoors, encouraging interaction, and improving motor skills.

The charity assess impact by asking folk to fill in a very short questionnaire looking at their mood , the reason for joining and what they hope to achieve in their health and well being. They have seen from their continued attendance and participation, that they are benefitting and some become volunteers, enabling them to further benefit by also supporting others.

The Foundation is delighted to get to work with the wonderful volunteer team at the Community Life Hub and look forward to working with them more in the future.