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Your McCarthy Stone make £5,000 instead of sending Christmas Cards…

13 December 2023

For the last few years, McCarthy Stone have sent Christmas cards to their homeowners. Having listened to both customer and colleague feedback, the team from ‘Your McCarthy Stone’ decided to do something different this year.

Instead of sending out cards, an amazing £5,000 donation has been made to the McCarthy Stone Foundation to support more older people, while also reducing our impact on the environment.

This generous donation from Your McCarthy Stone will support our charitable foundation’s Christmas Connections grant programme, helping 60 small, local grassroots organisations to bring together older people in their community over the festive period.

For example: “Operation Rudolf” in Honiton (see pic below) will use their £750 grant to deliver meal boxes for house bound older people on Christmas Day and provide a community meal with transport.

We are so pleased and grateful to the Your McCarthy Stone team, led by Fiona Carleton, Managing Director, who have made this possible. It really is a brilliant thing to do, and we will make sure that every penny is put to work helping older people who are facing a difficult Christmas on their own. Thank you.