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Working with School Home Support…

23 April 2021

While providing funding is a core part of the foundation’s work, we are also able to access some of the talents of the 2600 staff across McCarthy Stone. Across the organisation there is a diverse range of skills, experience, and passions, covering occupations such as land buying, construction, support and care services, finance, HR, marketing, the list goes on.

We are delighted to have our first opportunity to bring that resource to bear by working with the charity School Home Support.

As part of a wide portfolio of support, one of the charities activities and aims is to raise aspirations, helping to address inequality, and inspire the next generation. We are delighted to have the opportunity to take part by working with volunteers from McCarthy Stone and hosting our own ‘Aspiration Session’ for a school in Barking and Dagenham.

On May 26th we will be bringing together a panel, including one of our House Managers who went to school in Barking, from across the McCarthy Stone business to share their stories, talk about their roles and career, and their own aspirations as a young person soon about to enter the working world.

It is a great opportunity to also share the importance of the retirement living sector, and to highlight some of the challenges that face older adults in society. Critically though, we hope that our panel can show the many opportunities open to school leavers, and share their passion for the jobs they enjoy with an audience of young adults as they come to the end of their secondary school education. We will share more from the day after the event, and hope to be involved in more sessions like this in the future.