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UPDATED Grant Guidance, now available.

28 February 2024

After reviewing the applications received to date and some critical self reflection, we have now made some amendments to our grant guidance.

You can access the amended document at the link below, however, the substantive changes are as follows:

  1. You should be working with older adults (over 65) in deprived areas, however, we are considering applications from all areas that can demonstrate a local level of need. Where all else is equal between applications, we will prioritise those working in the most deprived areas for income affecting older people and/or where the evidence supports a greater level of unmet needs in their location.
  2. You can be working on EITHER direct 1-1 service provision to alleviate loneliness, or Group-Based activity to address social isolation.
  3. Applications we wish to fund beyond the resources available will be given priority for the Autumn funding and won’t be required to reapply, unless there have been substantive changes to their situation.
  4. Our income limit of £250,000 remains in place for charities applying.
  5. The closing date for applications is now Tuesday 2nd April at Midday.

Thank you and we look forward to receiving your applications.

Graeme Marsh, Head of Foundation

Spring 2024 Community Grants Guidance Updated March 24