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12 Grants of Christmas…Update

14 December 2021

A month ago we set out to find 12 community causes we could support with a small, unrestricted grant of £500 this Christmas. Across our first year we have been fortunate to meet a wide range of organisations, and along with revisiting some of the nominees, we also asked the employees at McCarthy Stone to help us out with some of their local community causes.

In the end, we awarded 16 grants, totalling £8000, and here are the charities and community groups we have chosen:

Each of these organisations is doing great work in their community to support older people, and we have been really pleased to hear that many of them are already putting their funds to use. Although a relatively small amount, by supporting grassroots community organisations, we know it will make a difference. From the exercise bike purchased by Barnet MS Society to the additional Christmas meals that will be going out to people on Christmas day from the Dorset Volunteer Centre, we have loved hearing how these small grants are helping.

Of course, the real stars here are the people who keep these invaluable local support services going, often volunteers. We are really fortunate to be in the position to give them a little support and a reminder that their services are truly valued by the wider community.

In January we will be opening our larger grants programme once again, with around £60,000 of funding support available. If you’d like to find out more about our funding programme, you can join our Foundation Manager on a live webinar in January. For more details click HERE.